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Welcome to the Website of the Green Trails Phase II Homeowners Association



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The 2017 Annual Meeting presentation can be seen here if you were unable to the attend.


This site was created as a communications tool for the residents of Green Trails Phase II.

You will find newsletters, contact forms, phone numbers, pool hours, local school information, event information,

a library of Association related documents, and much more.

So browse the site and if you don'tsee something that you think should be included, please contact us here.


Green Trails Phase II residents have much to enjoy in our community:

The convenient location is closer to Downtown Houston than any new neighborhood in West Houston.

Property taxes are substantially lower.

  • There are miles of beautifully landscaped hike-and-bike trails which connect to Terry Hershey Park to the east and George Bush Park to the south.
  • The subdivision contains two recreation centers, each with its own swimming pool, tennis courts, and Playground, along with 4 other
  • neighborhood parks and a splash pad.
  • Harris County has a Pocket Park next to the subdivision, and Trietsch Park is immediately southeast of the subdivision.
  • The subdivision is within the highly-acclaimed Katy Independent School District.
  • The community has an inviting atmosphere that really lets you get to know your neighbors.
  • Block parties, a super swim team, co-ed tennis leagues and community pride make this one of West Houston's most desirable areas.



Pool and Tennis Court Access Cards

The Park Cypress Pool is open weekends in May and both pools open full time begining June 2nd. CLick on the Amenities tab to view the pool hours.

To obtain an access card for the pools and tennis courts please submit the Amenity Card Access form located in the library section of the website.

If you have any questions you may contact Cristine Pulatie with Crest Management at 281-579-0761 ext. 629.


Home Improvement Reminder


Remember, ALL exterior changes (including fences) made to your home or yard require ARC approval first. Prior to doing any exterior work on your home please submit and receive ARC approval. An ARC application and the fence guidelines for Green Trails Phase II can be found in the Library Section of this website. Fence stain, paint and sealer as well as driveway paint do not meet the ARC guidelines.



Parking Pointers

Please avoid parking your car in the street. It is unsafe, unsightly, inconvenient to neighbors, and makes atempting target for thieves and vandals.

Also, whether on the street or in our parking lots, remember not to leave valuables in your car -- especially not in plain sight.

Cinch Bugs

Chinch bugs can be a problem when the weather turns hot and dry. Keep lawns well watered, but DO NOT FERTILIZE. This makes the lawnmore susceptible to chinch bugs. A few chinch bugs are normal, but large brown areas, especially near pavement, need attention. To check for cinch bugs, cut a plug of half-dead, half-alive grass and submerge in water. Chinch bugs (black bodies, white wings)will float. Even if bugs are present, keeping the area well-watered may keep the grass from turning brown.You can apply a solution purchased from a lawn/garden store to help control them.


Watering Tips

Comply with any water restrictions set by our MUD districts. Conserve water; water only when needed. Your goal should be 1 to 1 ½ inches perweek. Less frequent, deeper watering encourages deeper root growth and helps your yard endure dry spells. Adjust your irrigation so that it does not spray paved areas or run off over curbs.Consider running two shorter cycles to allow water to soak in. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day; you will lose more water to evaporation.


No Motorized Vehicles in Parks


Motorized vehicles are prohibited by law in the BakerRoadPark south of Green Trails. If you see motorized vehicles in any park, please call the CountyConstable at 281-463-6666, day or night. If you carry your cell phone with you when you walk in the park or drive along Baker Road, put the number in your phone to avoid delays in reporting violations.


Board Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting will be held Monday, June 5, 2017. Please click here to view the meeting agenda.





This is the holiday season where we see an increase in crime because people want something for free. Let us not be a victim and set alarms, lock doors and be aware of what is around us at all times. If you feel like you are being followed do not go home. Give us a call immediately at 281-463-6666 and go to a public place where there are a lot of people and we will meet you and make sure you get home safely.



Be sure cars are locked, alarms set and valuables removed. Burglary of unlocked vehicles remains the most frequent crime in our area.

If you will be traveling, notify the constable and a neighbor. Look out for your neighbors and be aware of your surroundings. If you see something suspicious, call the constable immediately at 281-463-6666. No call is too small.



Common Area Irrigation

Please call Heather with Crest Management at 281-945-4630 to report problems with the neighborhood irrigation. We will arrange for repairs, even on weekends. Do not attempt to shut off valves yourself. We have had several instances of residents damaging the valves, resulting in repairs costing around $150. This is much more costly than the water that is wasted.


Trash Problems on a Saturday?

If you experience problems with trash pickup on a Saturday, please contact Cruz Reyes with Best Trash at 281-454-9263.


Green Trails Most Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, June 24, 2017