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Inspection Checklist

Here is a list of some things we look for on inspections:

  • Sidewalks, curbs and driveways edged
  • No weeds in expansion joints
  • Planting beds weed-free and edged, dead plants removed
  • Shrubs and trees pruned – no branches extending over walks
  • Lawn mowed and free of brown areas and weeds
  • Trash cans and other objects out of sight, except on collection days
  • Brick and siding free of mildew and algae
  • Deed restriction violations.

Remember, if you make changes to the exterior appearance of your house or yard, apply for ARC approval first. This can take a few weeks, so plan ahead. An ARC application can be submitted online by visting

Replacing a Fence?
Please review the fence guidelines in Library Section of this website.

Illegal Advertising

Please do not leave signs in our common areas and medians. It is unsightly and illegal. If you see illegally placed signs, you may remove them and/or call the business to let them know they are not welcome