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Tennis Newsletter & Info



 May 29, 2020 Update - At the Gerri Ayers tennis courts please use the side utility entrance gate as the frame aroudn the main entrance gate is broken.  We hope to have the main entrace gate repaired in June.



TENNIS LESSONS/COACHING: Please book tennis lessons by signing up for a court 48 hrs. in advance during non-prime hours. (No evening or weekend morning lessons, please.)


 If you or your child can only take lessons during prime time please sign up for the single court at Park Cypress to prevent injury and frustration to our neighbors playing a match. It the lesson is to be a regularly set day and time please contact the tennis committee for approval and court time can be blocked off for you at the Park Cypress court. 


 The courts are occupied for tennis league play on Monday and Wednesday mornings and no lessons can be given during league play. 


 Residents ONLY may reserve court times.


 A Green Trails resident who is a USPTA certified tennis pro is available for private or semi-private lessons at our courts for residents only.  If interested, contact Laurence Sombito at 281-769-2701.


 Anyone, including tennis pros, wanting to reserve REGULAR court time in advance for lessons or leagues, must contact the tennis committee through Elaine Kearney at 281-492-6848.


 To reserve court time the sign-up bulletin board is located inside the tennis courts. Residents may sign up no sooner than 48 hours in advance for a 1 1/2 hour time period by writing their last name on 3 blocks of the sign-up sheet. (Each block represents 30 minutes). This is to allow maximum court usage for all residents during prime times (mornings and evenings). Should you sign up prior to 48 hours in advance or for longer than 1 1/2 hours, your name will be subject to removal by a committee member. (Of course, you can walk on and play as long as you like if the courts are not previously reserved or in demand).


 New residents needing tennis/pool access cards can contact Crest Management at 281-579-0761. Access cards are for residents only. Card access is the only way to insure our courts are only being used and cared for by our residents and their guests, please do not open the gates for anyone not having a card. Do not loan out your card.


 The wheelchair access gate has been tampered with and will be locked to prevent use by non-residents. Residents needing wheelchair access to the tennis courts please contact the tennis committee and we will be happy to provide you with a key.


 The lights at the Gerry Ayers courts are numbered. Please note the number of the light before calling to have it repaired. Any maintenance problems at the courts can be reported to Brigitte Hobbesland, 713-591-0880. The tennis court lights are on a timer, they should come on at dusk and turn off by 10:30pm.


 PARENTS: Tweens and teens have been observed damaging our tennis courts and the equipment held within. Your yearly maintenance fees pay for this vandalism directly. Our goal is to keep these costs down while maintaining the nice amenities in our neighborhood for all residents. Please let your children know if they are observed abusing our courts and/or their equipment, the Constable will be called to escort them home.


 Anyone can report vandalism directly to the Constable at 281-463-6666, in the effort to keep our neighborhood’s common areas in good condition.


 Please note: the tennis courts are for tennis ONLY. Please let your children know the courts are not for soccer, bike riding, skating, climbing or any other use.


 Ladies HLTA and WHLTA tennis leagues are in play for the Fall season.  We currently have A level teams on Monday and Wednesday and a B level team on Wednesdays also. The tennis committee has approved the court usage for these times. (9am-12 Sept.-Nov. in the fall season and Jan.-Apr. for the spring season). If you are interested in playing league tennis contact Valerie Henry or Elaine Kearney, numbers below. Deadline to get on a Fall team is September 26. Contact by December/January for Spring League play.




Elaine Kearney/Chair                      281-492-6848


Paul Tallas/Co-Chair                       713-201-8454


Brigitte Hobbesland/Maintenance   713-591-0880


Valerie Henry/League Coordinator  281-820-6292


Celeste Long/Secretary/Treasurer  281-579-1890


Susie Edwards/Bulletin Boards       281-579-2158