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Our most frequently asked questions are listed below.  If you do not find an answer to your question, please click here
When do I have to submit an ARC application for approval of work to be done on my house or yard?
You must apply for approval of any work planned that affects the exterior appearance of your house or yard, front or rear. This includes repainting with the same color, re-roofing and fencing. It also includes major changes to landscaping, such as new beds and trees. Pools and spas also require approval. A damage deposit may be required for pool work.
How long does it take to get an ARC application approved?
Review can take up to one month. Simple situations, such as repainting with the same color and re-roofing are normally faster. To avoid delays, be sure you submit all information and color samples requested to avoid delays in processing your request. Approval must be received before work begins or you can be required to undo any work started.
My gate card does not work at the pools and/or tennis courts. What do I do?
Call Crest Management to report the problem. Be prepared to give the number from the back of the card.
How do I find out deed restriction requirements?
These are available in the Library section of this website.
Can I reserve a park pavilion?
Pavilions can be reserved using the form available in the Library section of this website. Check with Crest Management for availability. Reservations are not required; but residents with reservations have priority.
Can I have a party at one of the pools?
All pool parties must be by reservation to ensure that sufficient lifeguards are on duty. Contact our pool contractor, A-Beautiful Pools, at 281-376-6510 to make arrangements.
What can I do about people speeding on my street?
Call the constable at 281-463-6666 to report any law enforcement issue. If you can provide a license number and time of day it will help.
Where do I report burned out street lights?
Centerpoint has a website at to report any outages or problems with light poles.  You may also, call Centerpoint Energy at 713-207-2222.  You will need to have the 6 digit number on the pole and the location (nearest intersection and/or house number) to report any problems either by email or phone.
Where do I report malfunctioning sprinklers?
Call Crest Management at 281-579-0761.  Please do not attempt to shut off valves yourself as this could result in damage to the valves.  Repairs to the valves can be more costly than the cost of the water that is wasted.
Why do you run sprinklers when it is raining or has just rained?
The sprinklers are on automatic timers; it takes time to re-set them. We did test a rain sensor system a few years ago, but were not satisfied with the results.
What are the rules for trash collection and recycling?
Trash is collected on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Newspapers, plastics 1 and 2 (see the stamp on the item), tin cans and aluminum placed in the recycling bin are collected for recycling on Wednesdays. A complete list of guidelines is posted on this website in our Library Section under Waste Collection Rules.
How do I obtain a recycling bin?
Call Best Trash at 281-313-2378 or if you live in Green Trails Village section 2 call Texas Pride Disposal at 281-342-8178.
What if trash day falls on a holiday?
When regular pick-up fails on a holiday (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th – Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day), the pick-up will be made on the next regular scheduled pick-up day. If your recycling day is on a holiday, it will be picked up the next week on your normal scheduled recycling day.  A complete list of guidelines is posted on this website in our Library Section under Waste Collection Rules.
Where do I report damage to road signs or traffic lights?
Call Crest Management at 281-579-0761 or Harris County Precinct 3 at 281-463-6300.
Where do I report problems with neighborhood irrigation?
Call Crest Management at 281-579-0761.
Where do I report problems at the swimming pools?
Call Crest Management at281-579-0761.
My neighbor never mows his grass/has mildew on his house/has a yard full of weeds, etc. What can I do?
Report home and yard maintenance problems to Crest Management at 281-579-0761.  Please provide the specific address. You can also use the deed violation contact form on this website.
Where do my homeowner’s dues go?
Our Association supplies many of  the services of a small city including street lighting, security patrols, trash removal two days a week, maintenance of six parks plus trails and common areas, operation of two pools and tennis courts, plus enforcement of deed restrictions and sponsoring community events. A pie chart showing allocation of costs is available in the Library section of this website. For additional information contact Crest Management at 281-579-0761.
How do I volunteer to work on an Association committee?
We’d love to have you join us. Contact Crest Management at 281-579-0761 or the committee member or board member associated with that committee. A list is on this website and on the inside back page of the monthly newsletter.
Can I attend a Board meeting?
Board meetings are open to residents. The Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month.  To receive email notifications for Board meetings please register as a homeowner on the Crest Management website
Who is responsible for the pond with the ducks on Baker Road at Allview?
Harris County Parks and Recreation operates this park.
My neighbor’s dog barks all night. What can I do?
If you give Crest Management the address of the owner and specifics of the problem, we can send a letter. You can also call the constable to report a noise complaint.
My neighbor lets his cat/dog run loose. What can I do?
This is a violation of leash laws and you can report it to Harris County animal control at 281-999-3191.
My neighbor parks his car in the street all the time. Is this allowed?
This is a violation of the intent of the deed restrictions, however technicalities make enforcement difficult. We are trying to correct this problem.